ACEL Connected: The Inaugural ACEL Amazing Race

ACEL Amazing Race, Gainesville Leadership

ACEL Amazing Race

Get your game face on! This Sunday, April 22 2012, is the inaugural ACEL Amazing Race. There has been A LOT of excitement leading up the event, and we are looking forward to an AWESOME turnout! We know you still have some lingering questions about what this event is going to be like. Trust us, the surprise will be worth the wait. Here are a few breadcrumbs that will cover the basics. Are you ready to test your skill and win it all???

Prep: What exactly do I need to bring?

You just need to come in comfortable clothes and shoes, bring a water bottle to keep hydrated, and don’t forget your camera! Make sure you are at Coffee Culture (Newberry Road) before 2pm on Sunday.

During: Race Time Baby!

Things could get messy as you decipher clues and travel with your teammates to various locations across Alachua County to complete the various challenges which will lead you to the final destination. You must complete all tasks by the time you cross the finish line to win the race.

After: “We Are The Champions!”

Sit back, relax, and reminisce with friends about the days events. Share your stories and photos from the race and learn which team won it all.
Think you have what it takes? Make sure to visit the event page on Facebook to register and reserve your spot today! Good luck to all of the ACEL Amazing Racers!
Photo Credit: Solace Girl

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