Looking for New Year's Eve Plans?

It’s the week after Christmas which means you’re doing one of two things. You’re wondering why you’re at work when it seems like everyone else took PTO or you’re looking for New Year’s Eve plans.


Lucky for you, we took a little time this week to compile a list of events going on around town so you don’t have to. Gainesville is a diverse place, so we’ve done our best to put together a diverse set of options.


Take a look and let us know where you’re heading! For an added twist, read the entire post doing your best Stefan impression and make up your passcodes.


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Florida Ballot Initiatives - November 2016

In Florida, there are four ballot initiatives up for vote this November. Ballot initiatives are proposed amendments to the Constitution of the State of Florida. These amendments are important because it is very difficult to repeal them, and all future Florida laws must comply with their directives. Ballot initiatives must win by a supermajority of 60% of the vote to pass.

Read on for our quick guide on all four initiatives on the ballot this November.

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Member Spotlight: Gabi O'Grady

Some buildings are so important that they have their own managers. Gabi O'Grady manages the Straughn Center for the University of Florida. She's also a member of the Community Service Committee, and she holds a Master's degree in Management.

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8 Places to Explore in Alachua County this Summer

Alachua County is home to a variety of beautiful parks, springs and adventure facilities. The University of Florida is located in Alachua County where students seek out exciting activities during the school year. Most of the students are gone this summer studying abroad, working or interning. Now is the perfect time to go to their favorite attractions to have an eventful, active summer. Below are 8 of my favorites you should check out.


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ACEL 2016-2017 Board of Directors Application Now Open

Calling all leaders! Are you looking for a way to get more involved in ACEL? Does the chance to lead one of our committees or to complete a special project appeal to you?

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Member Spotlight: Carly Hublou

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a Gator football game -- how they get the stats from the field onto the scoreboard, or why it takes so long to upload those gameday selfies during half-time -- then you will be thrilled to meet Carly Hublou. Carly works for the University Athletic Association (a.k.a., The Gators) and serves as Director-At-Large for ACEL and the Editor in Chief of the ACELerator newsletter.

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Drawing Through Alachua

On February 26, UF Health’s Arts in Medicine program held 352 Creates, a community-wide pop-up art event that showcased the talent and creativity of Alachua County's residents. Over 50 organizations participated in the celebration, which encouraged people to incorporate art into their day.

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ACEL Microgrants Spotlight: Public Leadership Institute

If you’ve ever looked around at local, state, or national politics and thought, “I have what it takes to lead in public policy,” you’re not alone. The folks behind the Public Leadership Institute saw the same opportunity and launched a 10-session course, including a full two-day retreat, to empower aspiring leaders with the tools to run, influence, or engage with elected, appointed, and staff government leaders.

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Member Spotlight: Natalie Claggett

ACEL's Member Spotlight is a chance for you to meet our members. Throughout the year, Director at Large Kevin Hublou sits down with members of our organization to get to know them and give them a chance to tell their story to our community. Interested in having the spotlight on you? Email Kevin at kevin@acelfl.com!

This Spotlight focuses on Natalie Claggett, Social Committee Chair.

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New Year's Resolution: Personal Finance Checkup

It's everyone's favorite topic: personal finance.

Oh, that's not your favorite thing to talk about?

In that case, the new year is a great time to reevaluate your financial situation and set goals for the coming year. You get annual medical checkups; why not also treat yourself to a yearly financial checkup? Here are a few, basic tips to get you started.

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